Customer satisfaction with product and support is the engine that drives the FindLaw team. Each and every time a project is completed, FindLaw conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey with the customer who purchased a product such as a FindLaw FirmSite. Each survey covers the process from the time of sale of any given product, to the time the product is complete. The survey includes a number of categories which our customers can use to rate the FindLaw team and the services they provide.

Each survey that is completed is reviewed by a team of people from across the business led by Doug Schick, Manager of the Subscription Services team. This team, known as the Customer Satisfaction Survey team or CSS team, addresses any negative feedback that might be received by following up with the client as soon as possible – with the goal of turning a negative experience into a positive one through responsiveness and attention. That responsiveness from the FindLaw team seems to have paid dividends; the Survey scores from the last 3 to 4 years have shown steady improvement.

The improvement of the customer satisfaction scores, however, reached a new high in the first quarter of this year. In that time period, our customers gave FindLaw an 85% satisfaction score, an all time high and an increase in all areas over the scores from 2009. Doug Schick commented, “We take customer satisfaction very seriously at FindLaw. The latest satisfaction scores represent the customer feedback affirming the value they receive from us.”

As they say though, it just keeps getting better. In March, the CSS team achieved a truly impressive result. FindLaw received 20 perfect satisfaction scores from its customers, meaning the team received perfect 10’s across all categories of the survey.  But you can bet the CSS group and the rest of the FindLaw team won’t rest on their laurels. The team goal of focusing on customer satisfaction throughout the remaining quarters of 2010, and beyond, will no doubt result in even higher scores from our customers in the future.

Even more importantly, no matter what the numbers on the paper say, the FindLaw team knows their aim is a satisfied customer who trusts the team to pay attention to what they need, and get it to them when they need it. That’s the real goal.

Craig Yolitz, Vice President Customer Operations
with Tanya Roth, FindLaw Portal Team

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