Being a social media user is one thing. Being a social media user to the best of your ability is quite another. Since the beginning, social media has transcended the boundaries of connecting friends, family, and classmates and has become a valuable business tool. Employing best practices in your use of social media will help drive business to your law firm as well as help you accomplish other goals behind your social media campaign.

Here at FindLaw, we understand the increasing importance social media can play in not just driving business, but in helping manage your professional reputation. We are committed to helping you be an effective and efficient social media user and get you started on the road to social media success with some best practices for law firms.

The best practices for social media are centered on five basic concepts:

  1. Expand Your Profile: In addition to establishing consistent branding across all the social media platforms you use, you should also use your profile as a chance to provide additional insight into your law firm. Your profile should include: an expanded company description, firm publications, upcoming events and information on organizations or causes you are involved in.
  2. Build Your Network: Building your audience means more than simply following others on Twitter or friending them on Facebook. To further your firm’s reach, you need to build your audience by following and connecting with the people and businesses relevant to your law firm. Looking to others in your practice area and geography is always a good idea.
  3. Communicate: Communication is the key to a successful social media strategy. The nature of your posts and tweets should be relevant and informative in order to maximize the value of your social media presence.
  4. Engage: Your role in social media does not end with a post. Be sure to engage with the audience and your followers by re-tweeting, commenting and responding. Not only does engagement keep your audience coming back but it is also an important part of establishing your expertise and brand among your audience.
  5. Monitor & Manage: With all the work you put into your profile, audience and conversations, it is important to continue to monitor and manage your presence to continue building your influence.

We hope you incorporate these best practices into your social media activity today, you will surely see the positive results.

Kevin Ahlvin, Director, Business Marketing
with Laura Strachan, FindLaw Audience Team

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