Let’s face it — the way we consume media is constantly changing. And quickly. To maintain a successful and effective lawyer marketing campaign, you not only need to participate in media, but change your tactics when media consumption habits shift.

With the endless number of options out there today, it is no wonder that participating in just a single type of media is happening with diminishing frequency now. A recent study by Nielsen confirms this shift: more viewers than ever before are watching TV while browsing the web on a mobile device. In many cases, they are browsing for what is on TV.

So what does this mean for you and your law firm? To begin with, knowing how your current and potential clients interact with media is the first step to developing a successful campaign. It is now time to consider how broadcast advertising can help your practice.

Our FindLaw Media Services can help you incorporate broadcast advertising into an existing or new lawyer marketing campaign. As with any lawyer marketing service, we listen to the needs and goals of your firm to come up with the best strategy for you.

When you work with FindLaw Media Services, you not only get access to some of the top legal online marketing experts in the country, but you also get a chance to really craft the image you want to portray for your law firm. For instance, if your goal is increasing the amount and quality of your clients, then combining TV advertising with online marketing efforts can help increase those chances by more than 50%.

Give your FindLaw Lawyer Marketing consultant a call today to learn more about how our media services can help you.

Linda Palecek, Director of Product Solutions
with Laura Strachan, FindLaw Audience Team

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