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Website Content: Three reasons to keep your site stocked with fresh content

Picture yourself as a potential client looking for, say, a bankruptcy attorney. A Google search reveals several in your zip code. You check out two firms’ websites. One is an attractive but standard offering with attorney bios, a list of the firm’s practice areas and boilerplate on its approach. The other is similar, but also features a robust content library: bankruptcy FAQs, articles on related topics, a blog by the managing partner and more.

Which law firm would you choose? Most visitors would probably explore the latter site. But content alone—no matter how compelling—isn’t enough. It also needs to be continually updated. Here are three key reasons why fresh content is more important than ever.

Reason #1: Major search engines will reward you for it

Since early 2011, Google has been reworking and tweaking its search methodology to provide higher search rankings for what it deems “high-quality” websites — i.e., those with original, consistently updated content. Other search engines have been following suit. The upshot: Law firms that feature new blog posts and regularly add new content such as articles, case studies, and information on legal topics will find it easier to rise to the top of search engine rankings. It is an essential component of attorney SEO.

Reason #2: You’ll position your firm as a reliable resource and help convert visitors to clients

Done correctly, blog posts, articles and the like can perform numerous functions. They engage and attract site visitors. They showcase your practice area expertise. They help potential clients get to know your firm’s unique approach. And they help weed out the tire-kickers who check out your site and realize your firm isn’t the right fit for them.

All of those can function as powerful conversion tools. Again, however, freshness is the key. Any potential credibility will evaporate if someone checks out your latest blog entry and sees it was posted in 2009.

Reason #3: You’ll expand your social media footprint

A 2011 American Bar Association study on how consumers find law firms offers some revealing statistics:

  • 20 percent would consult Facebook
  • 15 percent would consult blogs
  • 9 percent would consult Twitter

In short, social media is an effective way to build relationships and bolster your law firm brand. That’s why there’s a good reason social sharing buttons — the tiny Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter icons you see on blog posts and online articles — are so common these days. They make it easy for people to instantly share content. Publishing new and compelling content boosts the odds that it will be shared via social media — which in turn will drive more visitors to your site. Keep the content fresh and you can make the cycle repeat itself, showcasing your firm to the 200 million U.S. social media users * on a regular basis.

To sum up: Content is good, but fresh content is better. At the same time, coming up with compelling content can be a challenge — and doing it on a regular basis is an even greater challenge. Maybe the best way to view it is as an investment in your firm’s future, one that can deliver new website visitors and potential clients on an ongoing basis.

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*Source: Pew Internet and the American Life Project

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