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Why Market Online?

Find qualified, profitable clients through Online Legal Marketing.

A well designed, well written law firm website can make your practice the first source people see when searching online for legal services, and can help visitors quickly understand your legal specialty. The result: qualified prospects with an immediate legal need.

Legal prospects search, compare, and choose lawyers online. Does your website stand out?

Fifty-nine percent of all internet users use search engines on a daily basis1. Isn’t it time for you to ensure that you’re being found?

What if…

Your firm already has a website.

Does your website set you apart from your competitors? A free FindLaw Website Audit will rate key variables that can affect your website’s performance. Your local FindLaw consultant will help you understand and interpret the results, and take action to improve your site’s effectiveness.

You’re already advertising in the Yellow Pages.

Very often, people call you because they have had a life-changing event, or have big questions about big concerns. A print ad cannot give them the assurance they need that you are the right resource for them. Yellow Pages usage continues to decline as consumers turn away from this static resource as a primary research tool for important, relationship-driven services like yours. Plus, Yellow Pages ads do not offer the real-time performance tracking and lead-generating insights of online law-firm marketing. Learn more >>

Most of your business comes from referrals.

While word-of-mouth is a significant factor in driving new business, choosing a lawyer is a personal decision based on a sense of fit and comfort. When someone needs your services, they likely are experiencing a significant or life-changing event and need further validation that you’re the right resource before picking up the phone. A website can tell a more dynamic story about your professionalism, your practice, and your style, helping visitors to understand what the experience of working with you will be like.

Your firm is already busy and you’re worried about taking on additional case load.

Consider your current client mix. Is this the kind of business that you enjoy most, and that is the most profitable for your firm? A custom website can help you attract more of the clients and cases you want to have. Through tailored copy and design, your website will help you more quickly convert your most qualified prospects into clients.

You’re concerned about the cost of building or maintaining a website.

Website solutions from FindLaw are fully customized to support your individual business objectives within your budget. Our scalable marketing solutions and modular approach to program design allow you start at the right level for your firm today, then grow your online marketing as your firm expands.

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